nested eager loaded object properties


I have User model, which have this relation:

'professional' => array(self::HAS_ONE, 'Professional', 'uid'),

and Professional model with this:

'proftypes'=>array(self::MANY_MANY, 'ProfType', 'profPropTypes(uid, user_type_id)'),

I,m trying to get proftypes property for curent user, i'm using

$user = User::model()->with('professional.proftypes')->findbyPk($id);

and then look up for $user->professional->proftypes property, but it is zero array

when i'm doing var_dump($user->professional), i'n getting:

[tt]        ["_attributes":"CActiveRecord":private]=>

        array(3) {


          string(1) "8"


          string(8) “Building”





,which in

[tt]  ["_related":"CActiveRecord":private]=>

  array(1) {


    array(2) {


      object(ProfType)#161 (10) {


how can i access this property?

here is dump, my value exists in var_dump column (can be found with 'Buiding')

but i can't access it with $user->professional-><property name>


i have a public $proftypes property in my model, added by my companion :)