Neo4j (Graph oriented database)

Did anyone took interests into Neo4j with Yii ?

At least, someone tried an overall PHP approach and his choice seems to be the best compromise =>


Now integration into Yii is another subject, and that is my question here :)

Any progress on this? We will be integrating neo4j into our Yii application the upcoming weeks. Maybe we can cook up some YiiMongoDbSuite-inspired extension for neo4j in Yii?

I’m very interested in using Neo4j in combination with Yii. I noticed the MongoDB extensions also. Let me know what you guys are doing I may like to join in.


I created the Neo4Yii extension that could be helpful although there isn’t a stable release yet. Maybe some of you may join and contribute?



Hi Hannes,

I got this error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 100 seconds exceeded in E:\xampp\htdocs\\protected\extensions\EActiveResource\EActiveResourceRequest.php on line 429

what do you think the error should be?

Here is configuration:








Best Regards,