Needing More Than 12 Bootstrap Columns


I have a problem with only having 12 columns in the Bootstrap scaffolding:

  1. On bigger screens (>= 32inch), only having 12 columns looks weird and waist space (unless you increase the font to a size that also looks weird when sitting normal distance from the screen).

  2. But a more important reason is that I use mpdf to generate reports from html. This allows you to use the same view for displaying data on the screen - and for generating the pdf. However, 12 columns are sometimes not enough when having to print multi-column tables or trees.

On github, people are complaining about not getting Bootstrap to work with more than 12 columns. Any suggestions?

Have you considered using, or

So you suggest including an additional small css framework just for scaffolding?

That might be the best option for now. Thanx.