Need Yii LAMP Developer/Expert professional please


Need expert help to finish Yii prototype in short timeframe. (1-2 months).

I also need assistance setting up a secure unix development environment with TRAC and SVN.

Please leave me a message with your hourly rate, location and qualifications

( I was just getting rolling with 2 good Yii projects, but had to take a full time job, so I am hoping someone will be able to work with me to finish very challenging Yii prototype applications with tight deadlines. )

The first activity is going to be helping me secure my Ubuntu 11.04 / Apache / MySQL / Trac / Subversion environment.

All requirements will be completely specified by me in advance for each development task.

The developer will have a chance to clarify the requirements before starting work.

Once the requirements are agreed, the developer will provide an estimate for time and cost.

When the estimate is accepted work will be authorized.

Each task will have a defined outcome which will be testable.

Payment will be made following successful testing for each authorized task via PayPal.

I want to track all of the above in TRAC and use subversion for source code control on an existing ubuntu server running apache & PHP 5.

We have to work with the existing environment to finish the prototype. So please do not take offense at my choice of environment, (ubuntu, XAMPP, SVN, etc,) rather help me to work with what exists until the prototype is complete.

Ideally someone who is expert enough to give me a fixed price for each task would be ideal.

Otherwise please state your desired hourly rate.

Need to know RBAC inside and out - one of the existing prototype uses raw RBAC for access control.

Current code is in PHP 5 using Yii framework and MySQL backend on XAMPP.

code will be moved to dedicated linux (ubuntu 11.04) server after the server is secure.

Design skills are not as important at this time, but nice to have. It is more important to be able to finish the prototype on time so

hard-core programming, database, and sysadmin skills are a must.

Also, important to have very good mathematics skills, (statistics, calculus) for the calculation engine.

I think I am fairly decent developer, but I really want to find someone who has expert skills and good communication with rapid turnaround that I can trust to help take my projects to the next level.

These are real projects with commercial application so I am looking for experienced professionals only at this time.



Hi Windsor, I can surely help you with Yii development. I can provide you cost-effective, quality service and can work in tandem with you. Please contact me via email or skype.



Skype: drcsystems