Need Yii Documentation In Epub Format


I’m a beginner in Yii and I think the Yii Guide and Blog tutorial should also be available in EPUB format.

Online HTML and PDF are OK for reading on the computer.

But I’d rather read it on the ereader, it’s much more comfortable.

Ereaders require EPUB format for comfortable reading. For Kindle it needs to be in MOBI, but EPUB is easily converted to MOBI with Calibre. PDF is hard to convert without breaking the text though.

I started learning CakePHP because it has EPUB docs. (yes, it’s THAT important to me)

I really want to learn Yii, so this is my suggestion. Please make it available.

Yii looks like an awesome framework, so there’s not reason to make the documentation accessible.


This is my first attempt to contribute to Yii.

Since I needed the Yii guide in EPUB format I went ahead and converted the PDF files to EPUB.

I’m sharing the link to the files to share it with the community.

Files: ht tp: / / www55 . /v/86 020 732/fi le . ht ml (please join the spaces since I’m not allowed to share links as a forum beginner).

Please note I didn’t try to fix the text format. I just used the default Calibre settings to convert it. Hopefully it’s still readable.


EPUB is the most widely used ebook format. It’s an open format and doesn’t lock you to any vendor. It has tons of features and is prefered on e-ink devices instead of PDF (harder to reflow the text).

More info:

https :confused: /en. wikipedia .org /wiki/ EPUB

http :confused: / en. wikipedia .org/ wiki/ E-book_reader

Taking it further

I suggest the developers take this idea and write the docs in epub instead of PDF. Converting to PDF with Calibre is much easier once you have a working epub. Conversion from PDF to EPUB is not perfect though. PDFs use fixed pages like images while EPUBs are like a zipped mix of html and CSS.