Need Yii developer. All levels. Long time collaboration.


We have an ERP app under development. It will include:

  • CRM

  • Accounting

  • Invoices

  • Services management

  • Stock Management

  • GPS tracking for mobile teams

  • Advanced workflows

  • etc.

None of the components are 100% done.

Some of them are not writem using Yii(they must be ported).

I’m interested in functionality more than looks.

we can work remotely. You need to have experience with PHP, MySQL, Yii, ticketing sistems and SVN.

C++, javascript, AJAX are welcome :)

Please PM me with the following informations:

  • A link to an Yii app written by you;

  • Attach 1 wiev, 1 model and 1 controller from that app;

  • How whould you prefer to work(time or project based);

  • What will be your "available" hours;(GMT)

  • How will you describe your abilities with Yii?;

  • What will be your price?;

  • How will you prefer to get paid?- paypal, wire, western, other

    - when ? dayly, weekly, monthly, etc.