Need Yii Consultant Or Dev (Denver)

I have been developing an internal webapp with Yii for my company. We are a small engineering firm located near Denver, Colorado, USA.

The purpose of this internal web application for my company is to generate and log purchasing information for future reference and quickly generating quotes based on our purchase history. The purchase orders are generated via the web for EXCEL and PDF formats. (Private message me for more details).

Unfortunately, I am still a yii rookie. I understand what we want to do, but implementing it in Yii is a bit tedious for me. I am looking for either someone I can consult for yii questions and/or someone who would be willing to participate in the development of this application.

Please contact me via Private Message and we will continue via email/phone. Also, if you have similar sounding projects, please provide references. We will also discuss rates.

Thanks for your interest! ::)