Need Yii / Ajax / REST / Mongo Developer

We are looking for a developer to work full-time for 1-3 months (possibly longer + likely long-term maintenance support) to help code and deploy a custom Client Management / Dashboard web portal using the Yii / PHP / JQuery / MVC / Rapid Application Development Framework. We are also leaning towards the use of Mongo to support a NoSQL style of data management. We especially encourage those in Eastern Europe, Latin America and India to let us know if you’re available and interested.

This is a VERY innovative app for helping Software Teams develop and master Agile collaboration and Agile engineering practices. If you’re into Agile development you’ll this this work very Interesting.

This application will have heavy emphasis on visual reporting (graphics) as well as social and mobile interactions that include customer "alerts", calendering, and API interactions with other web systems for integrating data that is produced by other SaaS platforms.

We have a UX designer developing all the Screen Mock-Ups and workflows that we will provide to the developer we hire. We will require you to develop a complete set of unit tests to confirm our designs once you start programming.

This is a custom SaaS application we will be hosting on Amazon EC2 (or equivalent). The web application will also have heavy interaction with Mobile Versions of this app that will run on iPad as well as popular smart phones including iPhone, Android, etc. If you have skills in Sencha, PhoneGap, HTML5, etc. that is a plus, however this job is to build the web version of the app, not the mobile version.

The Mobile nature of this app will also require us to skillfully design the back-end to allow for effective and reliable data sync with the mobile devices.

We also prefer someone who is skilled in Agile (Scrum) and XP / Agile engineering techniques and who is also well trained in the MVC design discipline.

Agile Engineering Techniques we prefer include: BDD / Cucumber / Rspec, etc. We want someone who is VERY comfortable with a disciplined, TEST-FIRST mentality. We want to build this application with Complete Automated Test Coverage. We seek developers that write and document code well. We also seek someone skilled in RESTfull program design.

Skills Required:

Yii-framework, PHP, JQuery, MVC, Rest API’s, Agile, MongoDB and MongoHQ

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