Need Suggestions for an Image Rotator Extension/Widget


The codebase in which I’m working currently has a User Profile extension of which a basic profile view is included. I need to modify this basic pofile to include an image rotator that displays one or more profile photos of the given user.

Should I use plain ole JQuery for this? Or, is there an estension, plugin or another widget that would meet this use case? Since the existing exension is derived from the widget base class, will there be any issues including other widgets such as the AJAX tab view and the image rotator?



Well, you could try jCarousel - - but that might be a bit overkill.

You can also create your own jQuery code and JavaScript functions to handle this animation.

In the end, it makes no difference.

Since jQuery is included with Yii then all jQuery plugins usually work quite ok.

But be prepared to fix someone else’s code if some plugin does not work.

I have done this on several occasions.

I’ve used the cycle plugin. It works well for my needs.

I’m giving Nivo Slider a try this time around. Only issue is that my images folder is outside of document root. How would I refeence this external directory so that Nivo can read it? Also, since I’m new to Yii, how do I setup a DIV within a view and assign it to my NivoSlider class?

Are your images (that are outside of document root) readable by web users?

Yes. They are accessible.