Need special Grid Features


I tried different grids on Yii2 but they do not meet my requriements.

This is what I need :

First X Columns can be frozen for horizontal scroll

Possibility to select columns to hide or show the in the grid

Inline Editing

Columns can be filtered and sorted

I searched but did not find any existing extension to do horizontal scroll freezing

So I think I need to start with an extension and add the features I need

Doeas anyone has an idea what extension I should choose

and how I can add the missing features

and specially the horizontal scroll freezing : I do not have any idea how to add this feature

Any hint would be nice :)

Yii2-DataTables uses Datatable JS plugin which does everything you want. You will have to dig into the Datatable docs to get it all to work.

The next time, please state what grids you tried. :)

The grid module from Krajee does every single thing that you want, and then some :

I hope.

Hi guys, I’m answering this old post since actually I have the same problem (freezing columns) and had a look at Kartik’s DynaGrid as Jacob suggested.
Unfortunately I didn’t find any reference in the documentation.
Was anybody able to do that?
I’m also open to switching to other extensions, if well integrated into Yii framework.
Datatables would be a great solution but it seems it’s not very well integrated with the ecosystem.

Thanks in advance