Need Php Freelancer

I am looking for someone to help fix my classified ads site. Looking for someone to resolve this issue within a couple of days if possible.

Also, I would like to have someone who can offer a quick turnaround for technical matters. So if you are one person with a lot of projects to manage this won’t be a good fit for me. If all goes well, would like to utilize your services for future maintenance and updates, if turnaround and response times are reasonable.

It is a new site, and is not generating revenue so I am not looking to go broke running it. It can accepts ads, but they are not publishing on the live site. Also, I am unable to retrieve my password on the admin side. Too much to type to explain. For a technical person, I am sure the issue is simple. Looking for an honest, competent professional with good communication skills.

[color="#008000"][size=“4”]Thanks everyone. I found someone who is going to work on the issues. I received so many great responses. I don’t know if I can close this thread, but I don’t need anymore inquiries. God Bless! [/size][/color] - sunfun