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Hello Dear friends

I have been playing around with Yii for the last 3 months and This is my first application, so I hope everyone likes it!

To view my app go to

I appreciate your tips / corrections / comments and feedback :slight_smile:

As per my experience with Yii, it is just the best gift for PHP web developers. It performs more than what is advertised.

I absolutely love it. Thank you Team for making it possible :)

Hi Gogol, welcome to the forum.

I played a bit in the site and enjoyed it. Editing of a meme was quite smooth. Nice work. :)


Thank you very much for the kind words man. :)

I joined this forum because I wanted to contribute! I will try my best to help out people with whatever knowledge I have. Thanks once again.



lol … very nice work … and funny too.

That’s a detail but maybe you could avoid to fully reload the page after user rating ?

Good job !


Very funny…

Nice application…congrats! :rolleyes:

That’s a great idea! Thank you man I will do that.

Thank you for the kind words man :)