Need Jquery UI support with Yii 2.0

Need JQuery UI integration with YII . And at Spring Roo it generate code for dependent table which is related using foreign key. Roo generate code for combo box. Yii also need this feature. Also need support for multi column criteria validation support. And multiple theme. Library for facebook, and twitter. Library for OpenID and image processing library. Dynamic form creation support. To increase the use of yii framework need stable blog engine, a forum engine, a CMS engine, e-commerce engine and a social netowrking engine, a view engine for mobile device. Translation library. and an editor with code intellisense and code navigation support and view designer.

Hmm…I think you missed the documentation, Masum. Jquery UI is already encapsulated in Yii. Yii also generates code for combobox with CHtml::listdata from a model. Honestly man, most of the things you mentioned are already available in Yii 1.1.6, so don’t wait for Yii 2. Well, some of your suggestions are interesting though.

Already supported.

There are extensions for these.

These aren’t related to framework itself.

PhpStorm and NetBeans are quite good. Moreover, there are other great IDEs.