Need inspiration with information architercture


Presume I am going to create some document-flow system for a small industrial factory. There are a lot of various forms all over there! Documents follow actual material items:

Something is taken to entry inventory, then moved from inventory through various production steps, each one having its own quality control procedure, then it goes to finished goods inventory and then to be released to the end user.

Then - there are some errors, so documents have to be corrected by a supervisor or even cancelled. But actually - nothing is allowed to vanish - each form has to carry on it’s change log along itself, so the exact track of given form can be retrieved at any moment when necessary (e.g. in case of an emergency situation). Then - when something is cancelled on given step - everything relating to this what was already created afterwards has to be cancelled too in a cascading manner.

So, here I would appreciate your ideas on the subject:

  1. What is the best way to handle this within the boundaries of Yii2 framework?

  2. What database system is better suited to manage this sort of task: RDBMS or noSQL?

  3. How to minimize database capacity limitations (storing to much redundant data)?

Perhaps you can recommend some reading covering this issue?

Please - I really know there are people of tremendous experience in between us on this forum!

Thanks ahead!