Need help with URL/project base.

hi. my issue: i am using yii-practical. (front end loads from webapp root. then backend is /backend.). i go to my website at localhost/ it loads. then i click “home” or “about” or litterally anything, it breaks. localhost/site/about is not found. BUT localhost/index.php/site/about DOES WORK. that’s fine and all because i could simply change my links on the page to lead to “index.php/site/*” and whatnot. but the issue i’m having is that now all of my debug toolbar…and stuff in the webroot (i made a small php script and wrote an include… i also have a picture for the website in there) is not able to be found anymore. it fails to load. so very very odd though, because when i load localhost first, it works perfectly. the picture is there and all. but when i visit localhost/index.php/site/index (SAME PAGE AS INDEX) none of the pictures load anymore. not really sure what’s going on. i’ll copypasta whatever code you want to look at, but i’m not sure what to link on my first post. also, to note, it was working fine, then it broke. so, it is NOT a yii bug. it is something i did. the only files i’ve edited though, are front end stuff, the common configs. (i kept the default .htaccess as per what came with the demo project in the first place.)

Looks like you’re using Apache and you have either no .htaccess with RewriteRule or it’s not working properly.