Need Help To Set Up Autucomplete

Hi everybody,

I am a total noob in web programming(but I am a network engeneer :P) and my boss asked me to improve the web site but I have no idea how to do.

For beginnig he asked me to set up autocomplete in a search field (like he says the same way in google)

Here is the code to do the reacherch (there are others search parameters but it’s dropdownliste)

echo CHtml::beginForm(CHtml::normalizeUrl(array('haves/create')), 'get', array('id'=>'filter-form'))

            . '<div class="row" style="width:100%;">'

            . CHtml::encode('Project Name ')

            . CHtml::textField('TitleName', (isset($_GET['TitleName'])) ? $_GET['TitleName'] : '', array(


                'style' => 'width:100%;'


            . '</div>'

So clearly how can I do what he asked me for ?

Please note that Im in level zero in web programming.

Thank you in advence (and sorry if my english is not correcte)

actually, there’s a widget to do this, CJui.Autocomplete check this tutorial.

thank you very much for your help.

but i didn’t understant how to integrate it(step by step) in my existing source code.

can you please help me with that ?