Need Help to resolve MultiFile is not a function. when using CMultiFileUpload

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).MultiFile is not a function.

I am new to yii. i want to upload multiple images into db using CMultiFileUpload.I am using MultiFile plugin.

Code :

view :


                                            &#036;this-&gt;widget('CMultiFileUpload', array(



                                               'name' =&gt; 'imageurl',



                                                  // 'onFileSelect'=&gt;'function(e, v, m){ alert(&quot;onFileSelect - &quot;+v) }',

                                                  // 'afterFileSelect'=&gt;'function(e, v, m){ alert(&quot;afterFileSelect - &quot;+v) }',

                                                  // 'onFileAppend'=&gt;'function(e, v, m){ alert(&quot;onFileAppend - &quot;+v) }',

                                                  // 'afterFileAppend'=&gt;'function(e, v, m){ alert(&quot;afterFileAppend - &quot;+v) }',

                                                  // 'onFileRemove'=&gt;'function(e, v, m){ alert(&quot;onFileRemove - &quot;+v) }',

                                                  // 'afterFileRemove'=&gt;'function(e, v, m){ alert(&quot;afterFileRemove - &quot;+v) }',


                                               'denied'=&gt;'File is not allowed',

                                               'max'=&gt;10, // max 10 files                       

                                               // 'maxFiles' =&gt; 14,

                                               'htmlOptions' =&gt; array( 'multiple' =&gt; 'multiple', 'class' =&gt; 'form-control'),



I already load js file before body ending

<script src="helper/js/jquery.multifile.js"></script>

share you full source code, or trying to change your js file version.