Need help installing external module - happy to pay

Could somebody please show me how to install a module from Yiigist?

I’m hoping to get this one rocking:

Happy to pay for help. Please take the money. Take it. Take it now!!!

Oh, I almost forgot… I’m using the ‘basic’ Yii starter template.

Peace, love and vegetables.


PS - gonna PLEASE do me a favour and not chuck this in the jobs board? I’m desperate for a reply and unfortunately the jobs board hasn’t quite worked out. I just need help with this one thing and then hopefully I can get my life back. I’ll delete the whole thread as soon as I score. Is that cool?

Okay, thanks for letting this one run. I’ll give it until the end of the day and then delete it.

I guess nobody knows the answer.

I’m not sure what is the problem here mate. Installing instruction is given in the link you provided.

Before I post a video response, can I just ask - do you think you’re being helpful or humiliating?

Bizley has been a nice guy who has posted a lot of useful replies. I never doubt his good will. Please remember that he’s been the only person who replied to your post which others out there wanted to ignore for some reason. In fact I was one of them.

We don’t want money in this forum.

You just have to state your problem as clear as possible, and someone may (or may not) answer it.

I guess what Bizley wanted to say is this: "What exactly was your problem when you followed the installation instruction?"

@softark Cheers!


I wrote this without any harmful intentions. Softark said exactly what I meant.

I have been busy with Easter and learning Rust programming, so I haven’t had the time to hang around.

Sometimes this forum is deserted, because life happens elsewhere.

If you still have things you want help with, just ask :)

Without any bad vibes or any underhand statements, here’s what Bizley’s profile says:


26 Sep 2014 - 06:55

And if I can find solution for your problem in 10 seconds using Google there is something wrong with you.



19 Sep 2014 - 10:00

I’m lazy so:

  1. If I can help you in few minutes, I’ll go for it. In any other case - sorry!

2) I will not write your code for you.[/i]

Now, these aren’t my words. This is from the man himself. Ask yourself, does this strike you as being the words of a friendly man? Just based on what you can see. What do you think? Friendly or unfriendly? You be the judge.

You can see how he responded to my own perfectly legitimate question. In this instance, I took the unusual step of offering cash precisely because I didn’t want somebody to come on and humiliate me in front of everyone else for asking a stupid question. I failed. So, here I am, now thoroughly humiliated, thoroughly embarrassed and officially scared to post any additional questions. Meanwhile, Bizley will be no doubt creeping around with slightly higher levels of self-esteem, knowing that he just put another newbie in his place.

Anyway, what do I care? It’s not as if my opinion is going to change anything. I might as well focus on the positive. So…

Joe, thank you! I’ll be in touch with you privately within the next seven days or so. I’m grateful for your offer of help and I’ll be delighted to pay for your help.

Softark, thank you too. Any response which is positive or even neutral is cool.

OMG… I’m speechless.

Alright. Then let’s just leave it at that. There shall be no edits from me.

I think this will be a good time to step away from the keyboard a bit and do something that is relaxing :)

Bizley is a highly valued member of the Yii community - Softark too - and I happen to agree with his points: that people need to do the research before asking a question and not expect anyone to write the code for them.

If you have asked the great Google for an answer and failed, then you are more than welcome to ask any question - there are no stupid questions!

The only kind of question that I - and Bizley - does not like is the lazy question.

Where people clearly are not putting any effort into making a good and honest question to make it easy to help us help.

Programming is frustrating - especially when trying to get to grips with something entirely new - I can relate to that.

Personally, I make sure that I am not in reach of a keyboard and a forum when I am thoroughly pissed off. :)

And with that, I will lock this topic so that things can cool off a bit. ;)


I am not referring to you in particular, Davcon, but people in general.

Do not take this personally, please.

Come again!

Feel free to ask any question that you like - the Yii Community is definitely one of the most friendly communities I know! :lol:

However, do not venture near this forum when you are pissed off. Take a walk, use a punchbag … ;)