Need help in choosing the right path

Hello guys,

First of all I want to salute you all :).

I just registered on the forum and I am a noob when it comes to web app development.

My thing is the following…I have a couple of ideas that I want to put in practice and I want to develop them using a framework + additional scripts/addons/etc…

Almost all of these projects would follow a client/server model, meaning that the "server" (main website) will communicate with a client ( code installed on different sites ) that will receive/send commands to/from the server.

Being a noob at this, I would like to ask you for some advices in choosing the right methods and tools

I have to mention that I haven’t used any sort of PHP framework before but this is not a problem for me.

I am willing and eager to learn and work as hard as possible :)

Being a student I have some time available so I will exclude the time factor from the problem.

The questions:

  • whats a good approach to designing this server/client model using Yii

  • what other addons do you recommend, ( backbone.js, node.js, etc)

  • what database to choose from

  • what documentation to use for learning the framework

  • some good books?

  • some great advices to avoid problems ?

  • any useful thoughts

Thank you!

look this

its a Good CMS created in YII.