need help: how to integrate 3rd party php

Hello everyone

I am trying to add to my Yii site some 3rd Party Library, and need help to do it properly…

I’m trying to integrate http://myServer/myYiiApp with this PHP search engine

it’s got its own directory structure and works great when deployed to the server by it self and configured. i.e.


    (settings, point to myYiiApp, search indexing, params etc.) or


    (shows a input box and returns search results when submit)

But i need to be able to use these scripts within my Yii application, i.e. a search bar somewhere in myYiiApp to invoke sphider search and show sphider search results page or sphider admin page as part of myYiiApp screens.

First i don't know where to put the Sphider folder, should i put it in protected/extension?

The thing is in the Sphider php files, it uses things like <form action=admin.php method=post> to do things, and also <a href=&quot;admin.php?f=index=1&quot;/>

and basically this is how all its links/submit buttons are written.

Since myYiiApp doesn't have admin.php and search.php action controller,

this will not work as is if i simply include the sphider admin page by using include or renderFile “Sphider-1.3.4/admin.php”

because this doesn’t exist: http://myServer/myYi…n.php?f=index=1

Does it mean if i want to move Sphider into myYiiApp, i have to change all these links/submits and create respective Yii Controllers to handle them?

Wouldn't that require configuring a lot of actions, params and update virtually all Sphider scripts?

I just hope there is a better way to make that happen

Please share your ideas, let me know if i could better explain my problem.

Best regards.

Basically, you can write a Yii controller to wrap the spider search script; you can also take advantage of  .htaccess rewrite rule to work with some standalone 3rd party software.

Thanks Will

I want to try the first option you suggested,

what should my new 'admin' and 'search' action be doing?

Did you succeed to create a wrapper for Sphider search please help I need it to.