Need Help For Information about Development

Hello Admins and Fellow Developers on this forum…
I have a status and quotes website on blogspot which is running quite good and now I’ve decided to migrate it to any other platform.
However, I came across this website today
this is the link

and I find out that it is based on Yii framework, See

I wanted to know if yiiframework is a cms itself? Can i create my website like that by installing and using yii? and after customization too maybe?
Is that website is customized using yii framework or they have used any other cms based on yii… Please help guys I’ll pray for your better future. Anyone?
Even if someone will reply that it is easy to make it with yii framework, I’ll be motivated that i can create a similar web, but pls need information, sorry for bad english.

yes, and no. Yes, you can build a website like that with the yii framework. No, yii itself is not a CMS. but you dont need the CMS part to build a website like that. But if you do want a CMS, there are plenty of CMS build ontop of yii framework. have a look here

what is the link to your current site?