need help for develop question-answer setion

hi there

i have a question table that will contain some kind of question as follow:

1- a question can be "filling the blank" question

2- can be "drag and drop" answers to to their correct place in sentence

3- can be write the answer in a textarea

4- can be select the correct answer from 4 options

the question can be a text, can be an audio or be a video clip…

what is best structure for db schema and how to write my actions’s code? in each time that some one want to take place in an exam, all question in all kind will be loaded together…

thanks in advanced

i have the requirement bit similar like urs.

separate table for question and answeres.

in question table different audio,mcq,nd textarea, define type their.

thanks, what about "filling the blanks" questions and matching questions with unknown number of blank places

how to create table for theme?

thank you