Need Help Enhancing

Bugkick is a recent Kickstarter project to make an amazing, free, and open-source bug tracking app.

We recently released all the code on Github:

and would like to invite the Yii community to help us make this even better. As we offer free accounts to any hosted user, we see an opportunity to add really useful features like:

  • Public projects (like github tickets) so open source projects can show what they are working on,

  • Milestones to keep track of long-term progress

  • Native or html mobile app or commenting on tickets on the go

  • Reply to comments via email, allowing us to offer services like Zendesk or Uservoice for free!

If you are interested in helping, please write to us at aaron [at] or let us know here. If you need some persuading, perhaps we can work in a life-time Pro hosted account or two.