Need Extension Or Component Decoder

is there any extension or component in yii that can decode the data below:

"name:Moh Khoirul Anam;nickname:Anam;address:[city:Jember;province:East Java;country:Indonesia];gender:male;hobby:[reading:[Web Programming Tutorials;Android Programming Tutorials;Yii:[Guide;Class Reference]];sport:[Basketball;Volleyball]];";

into an array as below:


'name' => 'Moh Khoirul Anam',

'nickname' => 'Anam',

'address' => array(

	'city' => 'Jember',

	'province' => 'East Java', 

	'country' => 'Indonesia',


'gender' => 'male',

'hobby' => array(

	'reading' => array(

		'Web Programming Tutorials',

		'Android Programming Tutorials',

		'Yii' => array(


			'Class Reference',



	'sport' => array(







Use custom php code as your requirment.