Need Developer For Enterprise Db Proyect


We work on property administration (spain) and till now we,ve developed our own software in msaccess. Now we want to externalize this task and migrate to cloud.

We,re not looking for a web, and we,re not sure if this framework is what we need, so thank you for any help.

We,re looking for a long term relatonship.

Best regards

I’m sure that I could help you guys out in deciding what the best framework is for migrating your application into the cloud (depends on stuff like performance, wishes around mobile applications and budget). I have a broad experience in building software in the cloud (both based on PHP and the Yii Framework as well as in Java and the Spring Framework). However, I can imagine that there are guys around in Spain that are able to help you out as well. If that isn’t the case and you would like to have a quick chat to explore the possibilities, then feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Emile Bons

0031 6 2204 0278


I have send a PM to you. Please look at that.

It would be great if you share your skype details so we could discuss the requirements in more detail.


Amit Sharma

Skype: amit.ebizon

Thank you everybody for your quick answers.

At this moment we’re preparing further information about our project and will contact interested offers soon in PM to disccuss details.

Thank you again. This seems to be a very active framework.

Javier Urendes