Need Developer ASAP for Short Project

I’ve started a Yii project that I don’t have time to finish because of my full time job. The basic framework and database structure is complete, all that is left is creating the functions necessary to produce the correct views. The site has a simple user system already that supports multiple levels (editors and admins). Editors can add posts, admins can delete them and/or “feature” them (aka make the title bold). The code will be used to power an already popular that lets these editors post simple news articles.

It shouldn’t take an experienced Yii/PHP developer more than 1-2 days to complete if you start from the code I have. My budget is $500 and I’d like to get it done before August 18th.

If you’re interested, PM me for my e-mail and more information about the site. I will provide background info and what site it’s for, you provide information on previous work you’ve done and how much experience you have.

Thanks for the interest!


I am interested to work on Yii freelancing project.

I am working in a Software company as PHP developer(Yii framework)

[b]please let me know if you want some information from my side.


Thanks & regards

Ravi Kumar Gupta


Please read again the first post… It clearly says "If you are interested PM me…"

So there is no need to post and above all no reason to post the same message to different job offers where is clearly written to send a private message.

NOTE: I deleted the other "same" post you made to another job offer where was written to send a PM, too

this is an old one :lol: