Need a suggestion about photo gallery

Hi Everyone,

I would like to implement a photo gallery. What would be the best choice?

I tired to install FBGallery. But no luck. Its giving me error in the initial stages.

Could anyone please provide your suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Have you looked into extensions repository, searching for a gallery buzzword? There are some results returned for it.

I will be adding gallery to my project within next few days, but moths ago I found Galleria and I’m thinking about using it.

The strange part is that when I downloaded this gallery mechanism for the first time (October 2010) I left myself a text notice that it is best choice, because it already has Yii extension for it. But now I seems to have problems finding it in Yii extensions repository. Strange…

Hi Trejder,

Here is the link :

Thanks, tarakarama and +1 for finding this for me, again! :] Now, I know why I wasn’t able to find it -> I was looking in original Yii website’s extensions repository, not in Google Code! :] Thanks again!