Need a skeleton

Who wants to help me to create a skeleton.

The sites I make usually has got a front-end and a back-end (

the back-end needs user level for groups and admins.

The front-end needs this as well for particular pages.

Also interested in multilanguage environment.

I tried to make the above myself a while ago but i didnt succeed.

I like to have a ready skeleton from i can learn while doing…

Who can help me? I can pay you or can create a nice looking back-end css/xhtml ( there i am a expert) for you.

Have a look at this project


yeah, thx man. That looks cool.

But how do I implement a /admin section then?


Yii-Skeleton is a very helpfull project.


We have released 8th revision of Web3CMS, you can download and install it from Google Code.

This Yii app is available for free, it has 5 levels of access (member,client,consultant,moderator,administrator), currently 2 languages and has 24 user interfaces (login in the demonstration page above, click My Profile, then click Change interface to see available UIs).

Front-end links look like this:

Back-end links look like this:

We are looking to improve this app all the time, some functionality should be added in the next releases.