Need A Function As Method And As Action

Hello everyone, I will try to explain myself the best I can

I have a print method that takes a model and output a PDF document.

I need to tall it when I create an item (from a create controller) and then go to the actionView of that item.

Also, in the view of the item, I need a print icon that call the function or method. I undertand that methods canot be called from a link. Instead, I need to call an action and execute the PDF output task, but if I put the print as an action, then I dont know how to call it when I create an item and innmediatelly, go to view action of that item.

Hope you understand my case.

Good bye!

PS: I also tried calling actionPrint and passing the ID of the item, loading again the model and outputting the PDF and then call the actionView of that item, but it doesnt work, I think I cant call an action and then again an action as they were methods

I think what you need is a cascading actions, but of course I might be wrong. Kindly clarify your concern, you told us what you need, but I think it would help if you can ask us an exact question that we can answer exactly :)