Navigation problem in a Gridview & pjax

Hello, I have had this on-going issue with Yii2 and I’m not sure what is causing it.

I am defining a column in my Gridview like this:


    'attribute' => 'sellerName',

    'value' => function ($data) {

        return '<a href="/sellers/'. $data['sellerId'] .'">'. $data['sellerName'] .'</a>';


    'format' => 'raw',


The link works perfect when not using Pjax. When I use Pjax, the link itself works however the Ajax seems to be doing something weird. Something is adding a hash tag as it’s loading the new page and then the hash tag disappears. The new page loads fine but it is breaking my back button on the browser. I hit back, the url changes to the previous page’s URL but the previous page itself doesn’t load. If I hit refresh on my browser, it does load then.

Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?

For anyone else looking to solve this, you add this to your link: