nav-bar open link from submenu dropdown


homepage in question is, installed extension: kartic-v navX and dropdownX, v 1.2.0, Yii v

Problem: While in the bootstrap navbar a dropdown menu on the 1st level opens a link while clicking on it, this doesn’t happen with a dropdown submenu starting at 2nd level. As submenu dropdown items have an url to an overview page I want them to open this overview page when they are clicked.

How can I achieve this behaviour?

In inspector I see, that a dropdown submenu starting at the 2nd level has an attribute data-toggle=“dropdown” in it’s a tag while this attribute is missing on the a tag at the 1st level. So I think this is the reason why submenu dropdown items starting at the 2nd level do not open a link associated with them. But I didn’t find a way to remove this attribute.

Would appreciate any help on this issue.

I think it’s default bootstrap behavior. This might work for you.