N00b: I get a 404 error after generating the model for tbl_user

I get a 404 error when I access localhost/demo/yii/testdrive/index.php?r=user as stipulated on the quickstart guide… O.o

I was able to generate the user on the model generator (it was a success) and I can see the user.php on protected/modules

don’t know what Im missing tho…

Did you create controller and view?

which step is it here?


I did all the steps up to the point of "Accessing CRUD Pages" where it gave me a 404 error (unable to find user)

Actually, I tried it again now, but it does not give me a 404 error, it just gives me the default page of the testdrive page (the "Welcome to My Web Application"). I tried entering gii again, but nothing happens… I am using it on a different machine though, will that have any impact on the test drive?

Gii can only be accessed by those computers you have specifically allowed (by IP address or hostname) in your application configuration file located at [font="Courier New"]protected/config/main.php[/font]. Please verify that your new machine is in the allowed list of computers for the Gii module.

Note: Due to board restrictions, I am not able to quote your message as it contains a link… how sad.

Thank you! That was my problem. I don’t know why or how, but I had jumped over this step in the tutorial.

I have the same problem too! :( sad they don’t even share the solutions on this.