n atributes activeCheckBoxList

Hi all!

I’ve been working around Yii so far successfully and easy :slight_smile: now such a simple question to solve about implementing activeCheckBoxList.

I have simple model with table having 7 attributes(day names) which I want to use as a activeCheckBoxList(believe this would be the best way(see picture)). Now I couldn’t find any example in forum and needed fast solution, so in view I just used table and activeCheckBox for each day (then the .css formatting goes off…) :slight_smile: How can I implement it with day array I suppose?




Should be:


should be.png

My solution to put all separate check box’es with day name is causing validation problems, because one or more days should be checked and without CheckBoxList this is getting slick :slight_smile:

Any practical solution for this case?

Any one with activeCheckBoxList example using attributes form DB?

check "template" parameter setting, you will get it


could you give a little bit more details(with an example if possible - I have marked issue as image in first post)? Yii is still new and promising to me;-)

Thanks for help