Mysql DB settings when deploying

My config file has root / root as the passwords because that’s what’s required by MAMP. Obviously these aren’t the same settings when I need to deploy to my production server. I could change it manually when deploying, but this seems like a bad / inconvenient way of doing it. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Basically I need to set different mysql users/passwords between my local server and my production server.


Something like this, maybe:

$hostname = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];

switch ( strtolower($hostname))


case 'localhost':

case '':

	$db_config = '/db_local.php';



	$db_config = '/db.php';




'db' => require(__DIR__ . $db_config),


Where would this code be put?

In your config, of course.

Wherever you configure the ‘db’ component.

Thanks a lot Joe! I got confused for a sec there but yeah this should definitely work.