MySQL bindvalue for binary column


I have tried to bindvalue a binary string but the PDO is not passing the binary value to the procedure, What am I missing here? If change the input parameter for my getdatapressure to varchar and i change the

bindValue(':uid' , hex($datamodel->getkey($id))) 

, it worked.

May I know how to pass the raw binary without convertion? Thank you.

public function actionDatapressure($date_req,$id)



		$datamodel = new DataKey();

		// $datamodel->getkey($id) will return uuid(binary(16) datatype) from a mysql table.

		$command = Yii::$app->db->createCommand("CALL getdatapressure(:uid,:dateR)")

		->bindValue(':uid' ,  $datamodel->getkey($id) )


		->bindValue(':dateR', $date_req)



		return $command;