My victory in Ukrainian Web challenge 2011

Friends, I want to share my victory with Yii-community.

I took first place in the semifinals and finals of UWC-2011.

In many ways I owe this thanks to familiarity with Yii.

The framework has helped significantly improve the methodology

of my work and as a consequence, it brought me victory.

News on the competition website:

Photos of the second day (final):

If anyone is interested in hearing about the event and the overall

impression - write. I’ll be happy to share an experience.

P.S. Should this be in some other section of the forum?


Best of Luck for Future

Congratulations! Perhaps you can elaborate a little bit on how you use Yii in the contest?

Congratulation sergeymorkovkin !!

… I’d like to know more because Google translation is not so good ;)

Sure! Must admit, Yii wasn’t used in the contest by itself.

What I used was the design and architecture of Yii. In the

finals we had only 3 hours to develop a templating engine.

After getting the task it was evident for me that there could

never be anything better than Yii’s templating system. While

other programmers started coding from the very start, I decided

to spend time describing things I’m about to implement.

In the script I had to reimplement everything from scratch

and I’ve inclded the following: CComponent, CController,

CException, CView, CWidget and CRenderer. In this design I

had no Application, Sessions and so on… This would be

definitely outside the time boundaries.

Also, I have implement a theming support, widgets, template

inheritance, template compilation (something like CPradoViewRenderer)

and caching.

I completed the design document in 1.5 hours and spent 1.5 more

hours for coding. I’ve implemented everything except the renderer.

The code did start with an exception and I had to give up with

what I had.

Happily, judges were impressed by the framework design and gave me

the 1st place (as well as in semifinals). Thank you, Mr. Qiang for

a great school. I greatly respect your experience! :)

For those who are curiuos about my contest work, I’m attaching an archive

with my contest work.

These are:

  1. Eliminatory: create a website registration form (completed in 8 hours from home).

  2. Semifinals: create a page management system (completed in 3 hours, psd & html only).

  3. Finals: implement a templating engine (completed in 3 hours, architecture is from Yii).

All of them are runnable for now. Readme files inside are in russian, but google

translates russian to english pretty well.

Let me know what you guys think. Gone fighting with HRs :)