My Problem With Uploading files

Hi all,have started using Yii and i am liking it.I would like to know how to achive the following:

-Upload an image and ‘store’ it in a database and display it when called upon to

-Upload a video and ‘store’ it in a database,grab a thumbnail of it and play it if called upon to

-Upload and ‘store’ a pdf document and display it when called upon to

-Upload zipped files and ‘store’ them in a database.

If you know of tutorials that will make good leads into achieving what i have outlined,i will greatly appreciate.

Thank you.

I created an extension which can help you to achieve the uploading of pictures

with uploadify, also there is another extension called image that will help you

create different image sizes

you can use this and make it work.


Sorry for not-replying sooner.Thank you for the links.

This is another tutorial ( that talks about multi-image upload without ajax ).

Could you please explain it step by step? I go a lot of errors, we are new to Yii