My Nucleus

My Nucleus is an extremely powerful and fully automated news aggregator developed using the Yii Framework. We first launched My Nucleus in early 2010, but we have been adding new features to improve the system performance and usability. Given Yii’s performance, we are able to manage over 40000 active unique stories in a Yii backend system, while displaying over 1000 top stories on the front end, which is also built on Yii.

To view the current top news headlines visit We’ve developed our ranking algorithms to search through the social media networks and traditional websites in search for the most talked about story. Our aggregator simply gives you the most popular stories within any given hour. We believe that we have the best news aggregator out there ahead of Digg, Techmeme and the rest.

Using Yii we were able to employ the best agile practices to develop this site over time and a cost of close to nothing. If you are a PHP developer and want to develop code in a truly object oriented framework, then Yii is your only choice. Check out our website and we encourage you to try out Yii for yourself.

Congratulations for your application.

Thanks. We hope to make it an asset for everyone.

Visit for the facebook version of the application.

We will soon be transitioning our newest development nutshell to yii.