My little contribution with my 2 first website on YII

My first site build on Yii is a communautary site trying to help the choice of an ERP for tiny compagnie.

My actual professionnal site build on Yii is my second site with the fantastic YII Framework, of course if you compare it with the bestseller in the top of these list with 1.000.000 visitors/month, mine is poor and with only 50 visitors/day, sorry I’m not a webdesigner. To get an idea by yourself you can look-it here Descriptions of property diagnoses mandatory in France for all sales and rentals of real estate.

YII framework is realy a fantastic project and by this post I want send a million of THANKS to all these creators and they contributors, thak a lot you make all a realy fantastic work.

I’m looking for a webdesigner who can create a nice design in exchange of big banner with hardlink and money, but of course because my compagnie is tiny and local compagnie i don’t have a lot of money, but my pagerank progress.

Tell me what you like and what you don’t like on these 2 sites, that will help me to progress.

Best regards to all Creator, contributor and user of Yii Framework.