My first project, a todo list

Hello everyone!

First of all THANKS to all people at #yii @ freenode, especially tom[], Sampa, dispy and everyone else.

I started with Yii a few days ago and I decided to build a To-Do list online in order to learn Yii.

Now I just finished the first version of the website and I want to hear what you guys think about it.

I’ll gladly accept any kind of feedback, negative or positive but please try to keep it constructive critique.

Functions that currently work:

  • Register/Logging in

  • Creating TODO lists

  • Adding tasks to lists

  • Editing/removing lists

  • Share the list with work associates/friends/family through their registered email

  • Deny access to the people you shared access with

  • Mark tasks as "done"/not done

  • Adding priority on tasks from low to high

  • Removing tasks

  • Contact

Functions that I am hopefully gonna implement:

  • Changing created tasks

  • Forgot password

  • Structure will probably be better if I get any feedback on it

  • Maybe categories

  • Finish dates on your tasks

Is it something that is missing, or did you find any bugs, please give me feedback!


  • How easy is the website to use?

  • Is it simple yet enough powerful to even be useful to some people?

  • Do you find any bugs?

  • Any missing functions?

Website URL:

If anyone would like to help out with the english grammar at the site, or has any tips for exchanging words on the website, please let me know.

I know the english grammar atm is kinda shitty and I am gonna work on making it more enjoyable to read it.

Thankful for answers,



For some reason my post gets marked as spam if I add any links, the URL to the website is:

todo - list - online . com

and the login details are:

good job Kekke !.. for a first Yii website (after few days) it look promising.

If I may suggest one thing : the "add new task" menu should be more visible (I spent some time finding it, in the menu.

Keep up the good work ;)



Great job dude! :D

I also am starting with Yii

You used the Bootstrap?

My suggestion is also on the position of the menu, you could use the side.


Thanks Gustavo.

Yes - I did use the Yii Bootstrap extension :slight_smile:

That is probably a better way for the menu, I’m gonna test it out locally and see how it looks.

Thanks for the feedback!

Nice job Henric. Nice design although I haven’t tested it – yet.

Here’s a visible link:

Thank you bennouna :)

Is the source code available for this one?

This account has been suspended. I can not see the demo.

Great >>>

interesting :unsure: