My first little site in Yii

hello all, pretty still new with Yii framework, Just finished a site in Yii

it is Health Maintenance organisation. some path of the portal are still not finished yet

it’s nice … but maybe Registration form needs some more work (validation for instance and perhaps captcha). ;)

yes u are rite. but why i didnt used a captcha is that i have a function that first validate if the request is from a Human user, if it’s a “BOT” a captcha will be displayed

a used some php globals



to create the function,

All it does is check the values of both $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] and $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]. If they

both have a value, then it returns FALSE; otherwise, it returns TRUE.(which will not show u the captcha)


If it was so easy to detect automated scripts, captcha would never have been invented. All the variables you mentioned are very easy to fake. Check for example the curl support in PHP. You can set pretty much any header information in a request. So i strongly advise to always show the captcha image.

well, well,well thanks for your advise im really grateful. will work on my forms soon.

nice website. You should also consider friendly urls…they look more professional

nice and professional website!

Or you can use this approach, Honeypot captcha:

thanks for this concept

Nice website, but in my opinion is to much green. Why did not you use urlmanager for nice and clean url?