My FIrst Attempt at Yii-ing...

Thank You for this amazing framework…

Here’s a link to my first attempt at Yii-ing…

It is not even close to being semi-finished, but even so, I have quite a bit of stuff including a Programming Section with a few tutorials about several different subjects.

The ‘Home’ page has some pictures of airplanes I have restored, and/or built over the years.

There are some music links in the ‘About’ page

The ‘Flying’ page has a couple of links to a picture video of the last airplane I built, and the Apartment I built in my hangar.

The ‘Eastern Airlines’ page is not done, but sections are in place for some of the airliners I flew for them.

The ‘Programming’ page has the most stuff including a lot of tips and tutorials on Xcode, MAMP Pro, and many other subjects.

The ‘Utility’ page has a random record generator that generates up to 2,000 records on the fly in several formats, it has a lot of options. This helps create data for test databases incredibly fast.

I just noticed that the Captcha is not working on the ‘Contact’ page, not sure why, it seemed to be working a few days ago, huh ?

If anybody has comments or suggestions, I’d be grateful…

Bill Hernandez

Plano, Texas