my date become 0000-00-00 again

hi guys i need your help,i have a code my code like this i use ceditablegridview and actually this code work when i want to change value from child_head_office and child_head_office_family,but the problem is when i submit to my action,the register_date and reregister_date become 0000-00-00 whats wrong with my code?please help me :(

try to use this

$register_date = date('Y-m-d');

you used the date type for the table db that is why

actually i have already inserted the date like $register_date = date(‘Y-m-d’); in different action and before i run this the date still exist like 2011-12-27,and when i run this action the date become 0000-00-00 again :(

check your code maybe beforeSave or afterValidate to ensure that no script is updating that field

thanks,i try to comment this

protected function afterFind()

// {

// parent::afterFind();

// $this->register_date=date("d-m-Y", strtotime($this->register_date));

// $this->reregister_date=date("d-m-Y", strtotime($this->reregister_date));


// }

and it works,but how can i change the date format in cgridview and cdetailview automatically?

this way .

replace the "register_date" in the cdetailview with this



     array('label'=>'registered date' 


           'value'=>date("Y/m/d", $model->registered_date)