MVC how to do multi model view

Obligatory, “I am a noob with MVC/PHP/Yii don’t be mad that I am asking a obvious question” comment.

How would you architect a view/controller to support a page that would allow updates to multiple models? For example: If I had a magazine model and wanted to display a page that allowed users to view/edit,


[*]properties of that model, such as the magazine name or publication date

[*] many-to-many relationships, such as the categories that the magazine belong to and

[*] properties of related models, such as the author of a article in that magazine


Some specific questions I have:


[*]Should the MagazineControler handle this view or some custom controller?

[*] Should the view contain a single form, or multiple?

[*] If I were to use widgets to render repeating content or inputs, should that widget also handle the related POST?

[*] Should I avoid lazy loading the model data as it will make multiple DB calls?


You want to do a quite hard task.

If you feel to be ready for the challenge, take a look at this wiki, this extension and this wiki.

Good luck!