MVC compared to other design approaches

Hi all - would like to get people’s thoughts of in MVC is suited to all web site requirements.

From David Pollack from LiftWeb comments. (I’m not allowed to embed links yet, but hopfully this will not count as spam www. at the start)

Rails’ “controller first” dispatch mechanism makes the assumption that there is only one piece of “logic” on the page and the rest is decoration. My experience doing web work is just the opposite. There are typically 3 or more of pieces of logic on a page (dynamic menu bars, search boxes, shopping cart, real-time chat, etc.) and having to choose which piece of logic make the “controller” is less than optimal.

Doe his comment apply to all MVC approaches?

If so, how are these multi "logic" pages best approached using Yii?



Most of the time only one piece of “logic” on the page is true but for some applications it’s not. In this case a good way to implement these independent blocks are widgets and using JavaScript to get and process data asyncronously.