Multiple with condition on HAS_MANY relation

I have an HAS_MANY relation called ‘_properties’ defined as:

                '_properties'=> array(self::HAS_MANY,'EntityProperties', array('entity_property_id'=>'entity_property_id'),




I apply multiple conditions on this relation, each condition gets separate aliases.







                                    'condition'=>"$property_iden=\"$property\" AND $property_value $op $alias",







HOwever, the condition merging does not seem to work propery, only the “last” join survives the merging. The query below has the ‘eid18’ join that is missing, while the ‘eid20’ join is present

 SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT `t`.`entity_id`) FROM `entity` `t` LEFT OUTER JOIN `devices` `device` ON (`device`.`entity_id`=`t`.`entity_id`) LEFT OUTER JOIN `entity_property_link` `epleid9` ON (`epleid9`.`entity_id`=`t`.`entity_id`)  LEFT OUTER JOIN `entity_properties` `eid20` ON (`epleid9`.`entity_property_id`=`eid20`.`entity_property_id`) WHERE ((`t`.`type_id`=1 AND `t`.`is_active`=1) AND (`device`.`device_type_id`=:ycp1)) AND ((`eid18`.`property_identifier`="name" AND `eid18`.`property_value` LIKE :peid17) AND (`eid20`.`property_identifier`="firstname" AND `eid20`.`property_value` LIKE :peid19)). Bound with :ycp1='2', :peid17='%string1%', :peid19='%string2%'

Does the team confirm this as a bug?

Can this be fixed?

My personal conclusion is that the way CDbCriteria are built, it is not possible to have more than one "join + condition" on a HAS_MANY relationship.

Hence is not possible to require that a two (or more) records match different conditions in the relation.

To use the relations, at least as many differently named relations (with similar definitions) have to be defined as there are conditions needed in the query.