Multiple Views, but using the same Models and Controllers

Hi everyone,

I’m still investigating on different frameworks for my new projects. As my new projects require a different frontend, I was wondering whether Yii offers or any 3rd parties product that offers such capability.

An sample scenario: Display a storefront for user.

I will be using a Store controller to access the method/route display(). This display will grab the data from different models and display it out in a view. Depending on a param, $_GET[‘v’]=iphone or $_GET[‘v’]=web, it will grab a different view and throw it out.

Is it possible to do it implicitly without specifying if else in the controller? I’m sorry if this is a noob question as I’m still reading through the documentation and review. I’m very incline towards Yii but I will lean towards a framework that enable easy customisation of such features

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

If I got you right you want different views/layouts based on a $_GET variable.

First of all you can change the layout inside of a controller by changing the $layout variable. The layout is the skeleton for the actual content.

Inside of a controller you will usually call the render() method in order to display the actual content-view (which gets automatically surrounded by the layout).

Now in order to automatically set views based on a get variable, you can create a parent-controller that will do the work for you by extending the render() method.

Simple example:

class ParentController extends CController


   public function render($view,$data=null,$return=false)


      if (isset($_GET['v']))


         $this->layout .= "_{$_GET['v']}";

         $view .= "_{$_GET['v']}";


      return parent::render($view,$data=null,$return=false);



Now let’s assume you set your default layout to “index” and you render() the view called “items”. Also $_GET[‘v’] is set to “iphone”. Now what happens is the parent-controller will change “index” to “index_iphone” and “items” to “items_iphone”. So based on the $_GET variable you have different views.

There are probably better ways to do this, but it should show you at least how easy it is at the end.

Cool. Thanks. Looks pretty simple.

I’m going to give it a try this weekend.

I was wondering whether we can put it in a folder structure.

Assuming this way:





Do I just change the "if" statement to,

if (isset($_GET['v']))


    $this->layout = "/{$_GET['v']}/" . $this->layout;

    $view = "/{$_GET['v']}/" . $view;


Hope the view can be read from folders.



Yes that should work. Well just try it out and report back then. :)