Multiple user login session solutions

Hi guys.

i’m searching for a solution to handle user multi login. To my knowledge default Yii2 functionality is able to handle only one session at a time, overwriting previous session with new on every login. My goal is to be able to log in with same user independently from different devices to same application. For example from pc and mobile device at the same time, keeping both login sessions.

Is there any solution to handle this problem? What has been your approach and experience?

Thanks in advance!

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I believe that by default, there is no such restriction in Yii, you can authenticate with the same login in multiple browsers, pc and mobile at the same time.

In my applications it works like this.

To avoid conflict between multiple applications, you can use the parameter

session => [name]

Hello, Kristo! I can recommend you multilogin browsers like multilogin or gologinapp. I think it can solve ur problems!