Multiple Texttransfers from selected text out of a searchfield into another Textfield, to edit those later

Hello all,
I have a collection of textpassages, in which I want to search via a Search-/Textfield for specified textpassages. The search shows the textpassages which fit the search and I want to select one or more of those shown textpassages to be transfered in another Textfield.
There I want to edit and later save them.
My problem is, that when I use an editor (like TinyMce) to create said textpassages, the style information of those are visible in the shown textpassages in the search result.


If I copy those into the Editor it wont work out. If I copy those manually in the source code view of the editor it works.
My question is:
How can I transfer (single and mutliple transfers) the information out of the searchfield into the bigger textfield where I want to edit it?
Is there a possibility to directly transfer the search results into the source view of the editor?
Would be gratefull for any help.
Best regards. :slight_smile: