Multiple submit of ajaxSubmitButton with no re-renders

I have a ajaxSubmitButton which posts some data, then gets some JSON back. Recently this button has started posting several requests upon click, but in very random cases. I have been able to reproduce this once. There should be no changes in my form, and I do not return any JS / HTML upon submit, only JSON.

I’ve seen some changes to Yii ActiveForm etc lately. Anyone experienced anything similar?

I don’t know, if this is simillar, but I noticed that in many occasions, Internet Explorer is firing two (exactly the same) AJAX request, where other browsers are firing only one (as supposed).

Have you consider using some JavaScript flag (like AJAXFired), set automatically to TRUE in buttons onClick and ending AJAX request at a very beginning, if that flag is set to TRUE? This should block any additional AJAX requests, no matter if they occurs randomly or every time.

Yeah, this is already in place, but it seems like the click is bound several times, so they fire all in parallel.

Might be that we rebind on navigation, checking that out now.